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How to Fuck A Broomstick

I think my clingy dress looks so sexy with leather boots and seamed stockings. Let me stand over you so you can get a look up my dress and guess what kind of panties I am wearing. Well, they are black and lacy and they are most certainly from the fifties….and they have a garter belt built in. I bet you would have loved to meet a woman who would let you play with these sexy panties. I certainly will lift my dress so you can have a look if you promise to masturbate as you look at my body and underwear..and what I am going to do next. Which is let you look down my top, grab the broom I was sweeping the garage with and push it up my hairy cunt, still wearing my panties. I know you are rock hard now and I am wet, wet, wet. You can see my swollen cunt and my hard clit as I fuck this broomstick squatting down. But now I stand up and I want you to have your cock in your hand and it better be hard and wet because I think we should both cum….now….hmmm that was nice. Would you like to lick the broomstick with me?
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