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DirtyAngie’s Girdle and Panty Show

So many of my fans write and tell me that it is very hard to find girls who wear girdles. I must admit that girdles are new to me, but my friend Julia introduced me to the joys of foundation garments and I haven’t looked back. The shape they give a girl is just so sexy. And you just can’t buy sexy girdles anymore so all of mine are very old and very firm. Just the way I am sure you like them. So sit back, peek up my skirt and enjoy looking at my white open bottom girdle. I lift my dress all the way over the top of my girdle and you can see my flowery bikini panties clearly through the tight nylon of my girdle. I bend over and make sure you get lots of great girdle and panty pictures before I strip out of my dress to show you my pretty lacy brassiere. Did I mention I am on my balcony downtown and it is very possible I have an audience with all the high rise buildings everywhere. It makes it very exciting for me as I remove my bra and let you look at my firm titties. I unroll my girdle down to my stocking tops so you can see my shiny panties. Now I pull down my panties and open my legs so you can see my pussy…and if you look closely, you can see just how hard my clit is because I get so turned on spreading my legs in public.
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