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Hippie Panty Striptease

I have a big mirror set up because I love to watch myself strip in my panties and stockings. It makes me horny to look at my panties and titties. Why don’t you enjoy my show along with me? Sit back, take your cock in your hand and make yourself very hard as I show you my bra through my sheer blouse. You can look up my skirt if you like and see my very, very shiny aqua blue bikini panties. I stand over you so get a perfect view up my skirt. I love the worm’s eye view of a girl’s panties. I bend over and let you peek down my top and then I play with my skirt. I flash my panties for you and then hitch my mini skirt all the way up to expose my bikini panties, stockings and garter belt. I dance for you as I strip. You get to see my matching bra and then I pull my titties out. Now I have some real fun. I watch myself in the mirror as I play with my panties, show off my garter belt strap above my panties from behind. That really turns me on. You will see lots of panty posing and panty play as I touch myself and adjust my panties before I pull my panties down and step out of them. I continue to dance in my garter belt and heels with my tits out and show off my hairy pussy. I love hairy pussies and garter belts and stockings. It looks so sexy.
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