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Rip My Nylons

Really. I just love the sound of tearing nylon. And I love the slutty look of ripped nylons on my legs. And these nylons are very special. They are pantyhose with a garter belt, stockings, and panty pattern woven in. And I am wearing not one, but two pairs of sexy panties. One over my nylons and one pair under my nylons. It looks like I am wearing three pairs of panties and that is very sexy. I cross my legs in my short skirt and you can see my “stocking tops”. I let you peek under my skirt and you can see my black and red tartan tiny string bikini panties over my hose. I let you come very close for a good look. In fact you come so close, I open my mouth and I am sure you will feel like putting something in there. Something that I am sure is very hard and wet right now. I lift my skirt and show off my nylons and panties, front and back and then I lift my top and show off my bra. I strip down to my panties, bra, and hose and walk around for you as I play with my panties for your enjoyment. I know you like to watch a girl play with her panties, don’t you? I slide my tiny bikinis off and show off for you in my red panties under my patterned nylons. I think this is very sexy, but it is about to get even hotter. I hope you are horny and ready to watch me rip my black patterned nylons to tatters, take off my bra to show off my titties then pose in my shredded nylons, topless, in my red bikini panties. Sexy panties and sexy ripped nylons are sure to make you very horny.
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