Outdoor Black Girdle Slut

5 years ago

A walk in the woods on a warm summer day in a skimpy dress, which I let you look up and peek at my shiny red satin panties. I even stand over you so you get that worms eye view I know you like. I lift my skirt to show off my [..] read more

My Sexy Panty Girdle

5 years ago

I love girdles and today I have on one of the sexiest girdles ever. Its a high waisted panty girdle. I let you look up my dress and peek. I lift up my skirt to show off this sexy girdle. In fact you can come so close to my [..] read more

Two Dildos, Double the Fun

6 years ago

Who would believe a girl in such a pretty modest dress could get so dirty? I know I can. I let you peek up my skirt and catch a glimpse of my shiny flowery pink panties and stocking tops. In fact I stand over you, so you are [..] read more