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We Love Panties and Stockings

In fact, Mary and I love bras, garter belts, tight skirts, heels and, of course showing off our pantylines and letting you under our skirts. We know you love to lie on the floor and look up at our sheer hip hugger bikini panties and we know you are peeking at our very sexy panty lines and we know that when we bend over, the tops of our stockings and a hint of our panties show. But Mary and I are girls and we love to show off and make boys like you horny. I know your cock is in your hand now, and that’s a good thing because we will strip for you. Watch as I grope Mary through her blouse and we lift each other skirts. I like to watch Mary unzip her skirt, slowly revealing the tops of her panties. Why don’t you lie on the floor again, and masturbate as we stand over you in our lingerie so you get a good view of us kissing and our panties and bras from below. We pull our titties out of our bras and feel each other’s panties. I think it might be time for you to cum as you watch us show our panties, stockings, garter belts, bras, spread our legs, and grope and cuddle, don’t you? There will be more and you can imagine how dirty we can be in our stockings and garter belts.
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