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Two Very Dirty Sleazy Lingerie Lesbos Get Even Dirtier

And it gets wildly out of control. I get Abi bent over a counter, pull her panties down and with my white panties around my ankles, I fuck her long and hard with my sleazy strap on dildo. I yank on her hair till she cries out and I keep jamming the plastic rod deep in her cunt. I am getting so horny feeling up Abi’s enormous tits with the black pasties. Her legs are spread wide and she is bucking like a bronco. She cums violently then grabs my cock like it’s the real thing and deep throats me until she gags. She unbuckles my leather strap on harness and pulls my panties down and rubs my asshole before she pushes her tongue deep in my ass and licks it all around the inside. I am in heaven because my asshole is so sensitive. She tells me how good I taste and I can feel my orgasm growing when Abigail starts licking my clit and blows me straight away with my asshole throbbing under her expert touch. We kiss and promise to do this again. You will see lots of panties pulled down, great panty pictures, asshole licking, garter belt close ups, sexy titties and brassieres, red stockings and groping and kissing. Two very dirty girls having very dirty sex.
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